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 PE05 混凝土环氧封闭底漆
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产品名称:OMELON PE05


技 术 参 数

Binder Type/Pigment Type    Epoxy - polyamines

基料类型/颜料类型             环氧聚胺树脂

Colors                      Transparent

颜色                         透明                      

Finish                       Gloss

表面                         高光

Mixing ratio                 4  (base) to 1(curing agent) by weight 

                                  4 (base) to 1 (curing agent) by volume

混合比率                         重量比4(基料):1(固化剂)   体积比4(基料):1(固化剂)

Curing agent                 CA02

固化剂                        CA02

Specific gravity(White-PA1500)0.97±0.03Kg/ Lt

比重                          0.97±0.03公斤/

Solid by Volume              41%(theoretical)

体积固体份                     41%(理论值)

Pot Life                  5 hours at 23℃(73.4 )

混合使用期                    5小时,23

Flash point(Abel)                Base: >25℃( >77) Curing Agent:> 25 ( >77)

 闪点                        基料:>25;固化剂:>25

Theoretical covering capability 5 Sq.m/Lt.(204 Sq.ft/US Gal), however

                             this &#118alue depends on substrate absorption.   

理论覆盖能力                      5平方米/升 ,与底材的吸收情况有关。

Thinner                                              Material: EURO-thinner TH03 ?Cleaning: Euro-thinner TH03

稀释剂                                               材料:TH03  清洗剂:TH03                           

VOC                                                   >340grams/Lt

挥发性有机化合物                           >340/.

Drying time                                      Surface dry: approx. 3 hours (at 23℃(73.4 )

                                                            and 50% relative humidity)

干燥时间                                           表干:大约3小时,23℃50%相对湿度

Overcoating time                              Min:16 hours at 23℃(73.4 ) ?Max:7weeks

重涂时间                  最短:16小时,23- 最长:7

Substrate temperature                         Min: 4℃(7) above the Dew Point

底材温度                                             高于露点以上4

Storage and Shelf life                         The product should be kept in a cool well ventilated places

                                                                protected  from high temperatures. Containers MUST BE

                                                                kept tightly closed.    Shelf life: 1 year.

储存及有效期                    产品保存于阴凉、通风良好的地方,避 免温度过高。

  容器必须牢固密封。 有效期:1年。

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